Sunday, December 22, 2013

A Christmas Card (with a shout out to Courtney's Clean Caps)

A Christmas Card:  
A Mother's Love Is Forever

Dear my darling Valerie,
Sixteen years ago, your father George sat alone in his apartment, pulling his hair out wondering how could a single father raise his son Victor without the love of his life, as God took her away from us.  Ten years ago, little Victor told his dad that he wanted to be a pretty little girl and grow up to be as beautiful as the picture of the mommy in heaven that sat on Daddy’s dresser.

“But son, that’s actually a picture of me, after the ladies at the salon dressed me up.  How about you and I become girls together?,” I asked as I hugged you.

This Christmas, we’ve been girls for ten years now.  You were the maid of honor at my wedding, and soon I’ll help you buy your senior prom dress so that you can amaze Jimmy the way I did your step-dad.  Our love of girly things – and of handsome men – is only surpassed by our love for each other – both as mother and daughter, but as each other’s best friends.   

Merry Christmas, my sweet baby girl.

Your loving mother, Grace

Annie sez:
This cap use the image (and a line of text) from a great caption from Courtney's Clean Caps - see the original cap here.  I just want to acknowledge this :)  


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