Saturday, November 30, 2013

Winter Break (Nora + daughters say the water's just right!)

Winter Break

For as long as they can remember, the three sons of Nick Carras always were bugging the old man to go somewhere exciting over winter break, instead of staying home in the cold Northeast.  Peter wanted to hang with some hotties - Sean wanted to do something exciting – while Trent just wanted to relax and chill out.  Fed up with their wining, Nick booked the foursome to visit a new all-inclusive resort.
The website promised a vacation like no other.  They advertising the special healing powers of the natural springs and how they make a man feel like a new person.
After 2 weeks there, Nora Carras knew that she made the right choice.  Pamela, Stephanie and Teresa all begged their mom to book for next year.  Nora had no problem with that.  She was just amazed that everyone back home now only saw them as mother and daughters.  

 What was in that natural springs that turned them into gorgeous females with their new hormones racing??

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