Monday, November 11, 2013

Two With Nature (back to work ladies! - comments always welcome)

Two With Nature
Arianna:  Baby, it’s feels good to just – let it all hang out huh?  No rules – no clothes – no tucking in Miss Happy…

Marissa:  I know, really Mom?  For once we can stand and pee like we just did in the lake.  Camp Tiresias really is a she-male’s paradise.  Wait… are those guys looking at us?

Arianna:  They are.  That’s George, the guy who replied to my personal ad, the one I told you about.  He owns his own business, and that’s Pete, his young protégé.  They both are enjoying our sexy bodies and unique plumbing.

Marissa:  I remember; I recall you told George the story about how you and I feminized our bodies together…

Arianna:  Yep, he knows that’s Marcus and his dad Adrian are gone forever – well, a few inches are left.  George told me he and Pete and going to fuck any remain maleness right out of our tight little asses.  I take it you approve?

Marissa:  It’s little, but it’s damm hard right now, Mom!


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