Saturday, November 16, 2013

The Tradition Continues (A tri-gen tale of boys making pretty romantic girls)

The Tradition Continues

Andrew:  What a great way to celebrate little Rodney’s birthday, Dad.  I remember when I was his age and you and Mom dressed me up in a cute little smock like our “girl” here.  I loved that time of my life – innocence.

William:  Do you remember how we kept doing that – until Doris passed away – and then we took that trip en femme for your 13th birthday?

Amy: I sure do.  Every girl remembers their first kiss – that Craig was so dreamy! (giggle)  That experience helped me when I later met Gretchen.

Wendy: Yes, just as my dating experiences before I met your mother were a big reason I learned how to treat a lady, just as you learned to, son.

Renee:  Mommy, Gramma – look at my beads.  They’re soooo pretty!

Amy: Not as pretty you, my precious baby!  I just knew you’d enjoy letting us dress you after you watched us put on our clothes and our makeup.

Wendy: She’s a natural, Amy.  I think when she’s old enough, she’ll entice some young man to ask her out to a movie… or maybe even the prom.

Amy:  Oh I loved it when I danced with Gretchen in my tux – and then we went to her school and I wore that gown, and danced with her big brother.

Wendy:  And that was after Doris and I showed you the picture of me, her, and our dates.  (pauses)  I’m sure Doris and Gretchen are enjoying seeing the three of us now.  And I hope they would approve of our dates tonight.

Amy:  I know they would Mom.  Our guys are handsome, well-mannered and they sure know how to romance  a couple of newly single mothers. I sure  can’t for them to see us in those sexy tight dresses we bought, Mom!

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