Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Sweet Tea for Three (Have you made your reservations yet?)

Sweet Tea  for Three
It’s not that Dustin Morgan didn’t think the food at Sweetie’s Kitchen was as advertised: real homemade comfort food, with that addictive Southern sweet tea – it was that he came to Sweetie’s dressed as an attractive woman –  that includes a wig, bra and panties, a pretty blouse, and cute Capris.  But at the recommendation of Dustin’s younger brother John and father Vincent, he had visited the salon they recommended across town.  Of course, it was also concerning to Dustin that his dad & bro that they were also femmed up – and not for the first time either.   

“I’m so glad to have both my daughters here with me,” sighed Vera.   

“Thanks for joining us , sis,” tittered Jayme.  I want for you, me, and Mom  to come back here on singles night.  See who can find Mr. Right first.”   

Dating guys??  
This all so new to Desiree.  Just then the waiter came over and asked the trio if they needed a refill of tea.   

“Yes please,” Desiree answered as she found herself getting lost in Brian’s deep brown eyes.  Vera and Jayme grinned…

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