Monday, November 25, 2013

Susan's Engagement Party (but it a great nite for Bridgette + Miranda as well)

Susan's Engagement Party
“Look, Bryan, just because we divorced over your gender issues, doesn’t mean I can’t stand you.  I appreciate you and Matthew coming, despite the feelings of my family.   And Matty, you’re my first child, and  I know your father and I haven’t always seen eye to eye.  But seeing you both here – in dresses – is a bit much to take.  Please don’t make a scene.”

“Susan, sweetie.   We love you and we are so happy that you and Roger found each other.  But I have realized that I am a woman, and please call me by my new name Bridgette.  By the way, Roger’s best man – he just asked me out next Saturday.”

“And please call me Miranda!    Look – I know you gave birth to me, but this lady is the perfect Mom for me; we’re so close now as girls now!  I hope you understand why I’m going to start calling you Aunt Susie.  I still love you, but you’ll have a new family with your new fiancée and his two kids.  Your step-daughter and I are already becoming friends, and she’s going to set me up with her brother Thad – he’s such a cutie pie!”

By the end of the party, years of distrust and old issues melted away.  Susan was proud of Bridgette and Miranda, which is why she asked them both to become bridesmaids…

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