Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Just One More Selfie… (you have a text from Julia + Christina)

Just One More Selfie
“You’re sure that this won’t get out?  We’ll never live this done,” I muttered as my son John take a selfie picture of the two of us in drag.  

“No worries, Dad,” he replied.  “This won’t get on Instagram, obviously.  My buddy Eric and his dad  (my boss, BTW) would be unrelenting if they saw us like this.”  

So why did I, Calvin Marx, red blooded man, father, and businessman, get dressed up like a foxy blonde, alongside his pride and joy?  Well, my late wife liked to dress me up for some bedroom games, and I caught Johnny in his room with her panties on… he looked cute, and he really liked the idea of us bonding by spending a weekend as mother/daughter hotties.

A year later, and Christina and Julia have a full wardrobe, and the hormones, and our discussions have led us to decide to go full time.  Jules sent this picture to Eric and George, and they are taking us out Saturday.  My daughter and I can’t wait until we get our new boyfriends to fuck us like the sluts we want to be!

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Amber Divi said...

Very sexy cap.
Nice pic and fun story.
I do enjoy your theme with young and mature crossdressers. That kind of acceptance is just what all sissies at one time have yearned for.