Saturday, November 30, 2013

Winter Break (Nora + daughters say the water's just right!)

Winter Break

For as long as they can remember, the three sons of Nick Carras always were bugging the old man to go somewhere exciting over winter break, instead of staying home in the cold Northeast.  Peter wanted to hang with some hotties - Sean wanted to do something exciting – while Trent just wanted to relax and chill out.  Fed up with their wining, Nick booked the foursome to visit a new all-inclusive resort.
The website promised a vacation like no other.  They advertising the special healing powers of the natural springs and how they make a man feel like a new person.
After 2 weeks there, Nora Carras knew that she made the right choice.  Pamela, Stephanie and Teresa all begged their mom to book for next year.  Nora had no problem with that.  She was just amazed that everyone back home now only saw them as mother and daughters.  

 What was in that natural springs that turned them into gorgeous females with their new hormones racing??

Friday, November 29, 2013

MOTB Tales: Completely Committed (Serena + Martina are here to serve!)

MOTB Tales:  Completely Committed
Walt Butler put his hand deftly on the shoulder of his son Phillip and grinned.  “Like the view from here, don’tcha?” the proud father commented.  

“Hell yea, pop.  I mean, I am in such awe of what commitment our neighbors made to make all of our lives full and complete, “ replied Phillip.

“You said it, son.  I mean when Marc and his son Sean were infected with that virus, I thought that we’d never see our neighbors and friends again.  But they’ve come back, better than ever as beautiful women.  And here they come now,” as the lovely bride and her mom strolled across the reception floor.

“I’m sorry, Phil, honey,  and Daddy,” cooed the newlywed Serena.  “Mom and I were just staring at your two gorgeous guys in your formal wear. “

“And I was just reminding Serena, that now that we’re your happy lil’ wives, we get to see you two BIG studs out of your tuxes,” added the sultry Martina.

Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Just One More Selfie… (you have a text from Julia + Christina)

Just One More Selfie
“You’re sure that this won’t get out?  We’ll never live this done,” I muttered as my son John take a selfie picture of the two of us in drag.  

“No worries, Dad,” he replied.  “This won’t get on Instagram, obviously.  My buddy Eric and his dad  (my boss, BTW) would be unrelenting if they saw us like this.”  

So why did I, Calvin Marx, red blooded man, father, and businessman, get dressed up like a foxy blonde, alongside his pride and joy?  Well, my late wife liked to dress me up for some bedroom games, and I caught Johnny in his room with her panties on… he looked cute, and he really liked the idea of us bonding by spending a weekend as mother/daughter hotties.

A year later, and Christina and Julia have a full wardrobe, and the hormones, and our discussions have led us to decide to go full time.  Jules sent this picture to Eric and George, and they are taking us out Saturday.  My daughter and I can’t wait until we get our new boyfriends to fuck us like the sluts we want to be!

Monday, November 25, 2013

Susan's Engagement Party (but it a great nite for Bridgette + Miranda as well)

Susan's Engagement Party
“Look, Bryan, just because we divorced over your gender issues, doesn’t mean I can’t stand you.  I appreciate you and Matthew coming, despite the feelings of my family.   And Matty, you’re my first child, and  I know your father and I haven’t always seen eye to eye.  But seeing you both here – in dresses – is a bit much to take.  Please don’t make a scene.”

“Susan, sweetie.   We love you and we are so happy that you and Roger found each other.  But I have realized that I am a woman, and please call me by my new name Bridgette.  By the way, Roger’s best man – he just asked me out next Saturday.”

“And please call me Miranda!    Look – I know you gave birth to me, but this lady is the perfect Mom for me; we’re so close now as girls now!  I hope you understand why I’m going to start calling you Aunt Susie.  I still love you, but you’ll have a new family with your new fiancée and his two kids.  Your step-daughter and I are already becoming friends, and she’s going to set me up with her brother Thad – he’s such a cutie pie!”

By the end of the party, years of distrust and old issues melted away.  Susan was proud of Bridgette and Miranda, which is why she asked them both to become bridesmaids…

Sunday, November 17, 2013

This Calls For a Drink… (CHUG CHUG CHUG!)

This Calls For a Drink…
How that both their baseball careers are over, how do legendary father-son outfielders Jose and Emilio Juarez enjoy their away from the diamond?

Juanita: By becoming two sexy chicas!  Thanks to ROSITA, the delightfully sparking and intoxicating gender changing cocktail.  Right, baby girl?

Eva: That’s right mama!  Just a few sips of ROSITA and your body and your mind become 100% womanly.  We always have a glass before a hot night out with our old teammates.  But they can’t have any – because we don’t want these guys to “strike out” when we are to play with us! (giggle)

Saturday, November 16, 2013

The Tradition Continues (A tri-gen tale of boys making pretty romantic girls)

The Tradition Continues

Andrew:  What a great way to celebrate little Rodney’s birthday, Dad.  I remember when I was his age and you and Mom dressed me up in a cute little smock like our “girl” here.  I loved that time of my life – innocence.

William:  Do you remember how we kept doing that – until Doris passed away – and then we took that trip en femme for your 13th birthday?

Amy: I sure do.  Every girl remembers their first kiss – that Craig was so dreamy! (giggle)  That experience helped me when I later met Gretchen.

Wendy: Yes, just as my dating experiences before I met your mother were a big reason I learned how to treat a lady, just as you learned to, son.

Renee:  Mommy, Gramma – look at my beads.  They’re soooo pretty!

Amy: Not as pretty you, my precious baby!  I just knew you’d enjoy letting us dress you after you watched us put on our clothes and our makeup.

Wendy: She’s a natural, Amy.  I think when she’s old enough, she’ll entice some young man to ask her out to a movie… or maybe even the prom.

Amy:  Oh I loved it when I danced with Gretchen in my tux – and then we went to her school and I wore that gown, and danced with her big brother.

Wendy:  And that was after Doris and I showed you the picture of me, her, and our dates.  (pauses)  I’m sure Doris and Gretchen are enjoying seeing the three of us now.  And I hope they would approve of our dates tonight.

Amy:  I know they would Mom.  Our guys are handsome, well-mannered and they sure know how to romance  a couple of newly single mothers. I sure  can’t for them to see us in those sexy tight dresses we bought, Mom!

Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Sweet Tea for Three (Have you made your reservations yet?)

Sweet Tea  for Three
It’s not that Dustin Morgan didn’t think the food at Sweetie’s Kitchen was as advertised: real homemade comfort food, with that addictive Southern sweet tea – it was that he came to Sweetie’s dressed as an attractive woman –  that includes a wig, bra and panties, a pretty blouse, and cute Capris.  But at the recommendation of Dustin’s younger brother John and father Vincent, he had visited the salon they recommended across town.  Of course, it was also concerning to Dustin that his dad & bro that they were also femmed up – and not for the first time either.   

“I’m so glad to have both my daughters here with me,” sighed Vera.   

“Thanks for joining us , sis,” tittered Jayme.  I want for you, me, and Mom  to come back here on singles night.  See who can find Mr. Right first.”   

Dating guys??  
This all so new to Desiree.  Just then the waiter came over and asked the trio if they needed a refill of tea.   

“Yes please,” Desiree answered as she found herself getting lost in Brian’s deep brown eyes.  Vera and Jayme grinned…

Monday, November 11, 2013

Two With Nature (back to work ladies! - comments always welcome)

Two With Nature
Arianna:  Baby, it’s feels good to just – let it all hang out huh?  No rules – no clothes – no tucking in Miss Happy…

Marissa:  I know, really Mom?  For once we can stand and pee like we just did in the lake.  Camp Tiresias really is a she-male’s paradise.  Wait… are those guys looking at us?

Arianna:  They are.  That’s George, the guy who replied to my personal ad, the one I told you about.  He owns his own business, and that’s Pete, his young protégé.  They both are enjoying our sexy bodies and unique plumbing.

Marissa:  I remember; I recall you told George the story about how you and I feminized our bodies together…

Arianna:  Yep, he knows that’s Marcus and his dad Adrian are gone forever – well, a few inches are left.  George told me he and Pete and going to fuck any remain maleness right out of our tight little asses.  I take it you approve?

Marissa:  It’s little, but it’s damm hard right now, Mom!