Saturday, October 19, 2013

Well Rounded Costumes (Molly + Julia going for the win!)

Well Rounded Costumes
“Holy shit.  Turn around and look at yourself in the mirror, Michael.  Look at how round and girlish your backside looks now,” gasped Mike’s  father Justin.  “I mean, mine looks cute – we both are accentuated by these high heels, but WOW!”

“God, I don’t believe it.  We will win the costume contest for sure – and we’ll both probably get every man in that room hard, Dad,” Mike replied.

The wannabe MILF eyes glazed over at that thought.  “That might be fun.” Julia suggested.

“Lots of fun,” Molly giggled. “Let’s go – Mom!”

It was no surprise that the new mother and daughter won the contest by a landslide.  It also no surprise that each girl’s bubble butt would be introduced to their first ever cocks that night!

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