Sunday, October 6, 2013

The Perfect Political Wife and Daughter (Gillian + Michelle with the best kind of bipartianship)

“Matt, Jared and I really appreciate the effort that you and Greg put into posing as my new wife and stepdaughter.  I’m sure to get  some good press ahead of the primary election,” whispered Thad Posey to campaign manager Matthew White as the District Attorney announced his Congressional bid.

“Sure boss.  But you realize that once we go out there on the stump with you, we’re going to have to play the roles of Michelle & Gillian for many months, years... perhaps for the rest of our lives.  I hope you’re ready for us to be a real family,” Michelle grinned.

“I’m ready for this mom.  We look so cute next to these two handsome dudes,” Gillian  cooed with eyes for her – um -  big brother.

“Dad, will be alright with you and … Mom if Gillian and I went out together, coz we really like each other,”  begged Jared who returned the new babe’s obvious flirtatious behavior.

“Well we will be a blended family, so there’s no real issue with you two dating.  Just keep it out of the public eye – we need to be a perfectly normal family in public,” Thad said.

“I promise, darling –  us girls are devoted to both of you guys,” winked Michelle to Gillian.

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