Friday, October 18, 2013

Paige’s Plans * Anita’s Actions (And yet another remarkably sexy coincidence)

Paige’s Plans * Anita’s Actions  
I have been hiding my gender identity issues from my father, Abe, for many years.  But this is the perfect way for me to come clean about my lifestyle – my desires – and my plans to live full time as the young hottie Paige.  

I’m kind of nervous tonight – not so much about dressing as Anita – but I’m going out with my college age son, Peter.  Except that Peter will be joining me in this as another dark haired,  cross-dressed beauty. 

I think by dressing him up tonight, and us going out as a mother-daughter on a double date, will allow him to see life through my eyes. 

I think this is the right time to tell my son – make that daughter – that his father is really her loving mother at heart.  I want to be a woman full time, and maybe by being in a dress, she will understand how I feel. 

Wow – she makes quite the sexy MILF, and may she’ll enjoy her date’s company as much as I will mine – (giggle)!  I wonder if I may have a Mom beyond tonight!   What fun we would have going shopping for cute clothes , getting our hair done, and especially, dishing about hot guys!  

Goodness, she’s so beautiful and she seems to be enjoying her guy’s attention as much as I do with my man!   I sure have plans for a night of passion with my man, and by the way she’s winking at me – she does too!

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