Friday, October 11, 2013

Open For Business (In this family, business is sooooo good - and BAD!)

Open For Business
The Underwood family still wasn’t sure what happened to them – but they were happy to pose for a few pix!

For three generations, the Underwoods had three pursuits – fast cars, loose women, and trouble.   Jason was now in charge of Underwood’s Garage, with his dad Gordon and son Bryan working part-time.  The kid was supposed to be in college but his focus was on having a good time – a mirror image of the youth’s granddad.  Gordo would rather be having a beer and out fishin’ rather than coming to work.  At least Jason had a mind for business, but he was no angel.  Married thrice, he was enjoying some porn the kid downloaded.   

Then he dozed off and woke up to two hot brunettes – a cougar and a kitten, smiling down on him – or was it her?  Jason noticed her own magnificent rack!

“C’mon Jasmine, the photographer wants us out in the country while it’s still light out,” cooed the older lady with the EE breasts.  Somehow – Jason knew that she was Genevieve – Gordo transformed into the MILFiest MILF ever.    

And Jasmine was Jason now – and that mean the teen dream was Bry – or Bella?  

“Mom, Gram and I were talking about how unique it was for a mother-daughter to pose for a porn site – much less a grand-daughter too!  I bet we can get into movies together as well.  Can you imagine the three of us, sharing some cocks for money?"

The concept of steady income and a purpose in life for her family gave Jasmine a warm feeling inside.  Well, that and the potential for a life of erotic bliss! This sure beats any “real” occupation!

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