Tuesday, October 15, 2013

MADAME JAE: Team Princess (sequel to Princess Camp)

TEAM Princess:

An update from Miss Jessica Fontaine

Jessi: Hi!  Three years ago, I became a Madame Jae princess, which led to my mom and grandmom to discover the princess inside of them.  Now I’m turning 13, and I’m really looking forward to being a happy teen MJ gurl! My first J-Club dance with an actual date (his name is Gary – way cute!)  Well, here we are at the shop, picking out just the right dress.  Gran says I’m now old enough to show off my long legs and cute behind– HA! – I still have a long way to go to catch up to you & Mom!  

You see, the Princess Camp changed our lives.  We all live as girls – it’s a much more exciting life this way – and we are so closer now!  Mom and Grandma, especially.  The first time they went on dates, they double dated, and they came home giggling and they made me laugh with some of their stories.  Mom ended up engaged to a really sweet guy, and Grandma’s guy really treats her well.  I want a boy to look at me the way they look at them.  One day, I will find my Prince Charming…

Vi: Baby doll, you just stick with your Mom and I .  We’ll make sure you have Gary begging for more.  Work those legs, Jessi!

Mandy: Keep an eye on her, honey – my mother is a man magnet.  Luckily for me, I got my man locked up for life.  And I can’t wait for you two to take me to that bridal boutique!

Vi: Yes, Amanda, but now I have my Milt and I plan on getting into my own lovely wedding gown.  And - the sexy lingerie for our honeymoon!

Mandy: Mother, we have an impressionable 13 year old in front of us.   That being said, wait until Eric sees what I have planned for our first night…
Jess:  Oh you 2 are so crazy!  Look, I’m counting on you both! As a teenage girl, I will act wild & I will cry on your shoulder.  I’m going to grow up to be the best kind of Madame Jae princess – one day I will be a wife, a mother, all while still being the daughter and grand-daughter of the 2 of the best brunette babe princesses EVER!

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