Sunday, October 6, 2013

Madame Jae: Shoes on the Other Foot (Vonda + Rashida dip their toes)

Shoes on Other Feet 

While Robert Cole had enjoyed dressing up as a woman in private settings, he was still nervous  about being Rashida in public.  But it was his son Vernon who had convinced visit Madame Jae’s.  

“Vonda, I think that the glass of Jae Juice they gave us… it changed our bodies and minds somehow… it’s like we are not in control of our actions as …”

“Actually, Momma, I feel like we’re in total control.  Looks at how these hot men are checking us out. Our curvy bodies, and strutting around on these Stiletto heels.  They wanna fuck us SO badly.  We can choose the one we want to take us home.  Now, how’s that for having control?”

Rashida thought about that as she made eye contract with the older wealthy man she wanted to get to know – and seduce.  

 “I guess the shoes – these sexy six-inch feels – are truly on the other feet, daughter dear,” she cooed.

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