Sunday, October 13, 2013

Junior High Fashion (Glenda + Jenna have style and sweetness)

Junior High Fashion

“Gee, Dad, I wanna thank you for not only taking part in the Riley Junior High Mom & Daughter Fashion Show – but for supporting me dressing up for it.  You’re the best dad – and mom – a  boy who sometimes is a girl could ever have,” said Jesse Brady, 13,  to his father George.

The 34 year old single dad was very touched by the words of thanks that his only child gave him.  His eyes watered – which risked him having his delicate mascara run down his face.
Aww, thanks, Jesse – I mean Jenna.  You know, this is even more fun than I thought it could be.  Now, would you like it if I kept dressing as Glenda and we could go out astwo girls – a pretty girl and her mother?”

“Oh, that would be so cool, Mom!  Hey, did you notice that Gary and his Dad are here to cheer us on?  Gary thinks I’m cute as a girl,” Jenna blushed.

“I noticed them too, baby,” replied Glenda.  She had smiled at her buff neighbor and he had winked at her.  Maybe Lee and Gary would be interested going out later for some pizza & soda…

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