Friday, October 4, 2013

Final Edits (Christina assits Julie with her "artisitry")

Final Edits
“Dad, thanks for your help as I finished my PowerPoint for my sociology class.  Can’t wait for class on Tuesday,” smiled undergrad Jeff Myers.

“Glad to help son,” replied Jeff’s father Clay.  “We do work well together.  We put a lot of great info together about how transgender male-to-females use a combination of hormones, dressing, and even RLT as they develop their identities as pretty women interested in men.”

“And of course, we have to thank Dr. Johnson for his perspective on TG males developing secondary sex characteristics like breast growth and soft skin – and his son for taking pictures for my presentation,” cooed Jeff – or make that the cute shemale Julie.  “And of course, I have to thank you – for going down this road with me – becoming my hot mom, while I became your sexy daughter.  Now let’s send the Doc and his son some of these pictures of us showing off our hot bodies, and invite them to come over and fuck us silly.  I hope you are ready to go, Mom!”

“Right behind ya, babe,” grinned an equally hot & very aroused Christina.

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