Friday, October 25, 2013

Femme-O-Ween 2013: Cum Fly With Us (much better than being felt up by TSA)

Femme-O-Ween 2013

Are you tired of your credit card not accumulating enough frequent flier miles?  Are you getting fed up with the run around from the booking agencies, the customer service, and the lack of points and benefits?

Not to mention, aren’t you tired of being a sad sack man, not having any luck with the ladies, and setting a poor example for your male progeny?

Welll, today, your new rewards card is here, and ready to take off.  Introducing the MILE HIGH MISTRESSCARD, from National Bank.  Sign up today – along with your first born son – and receive DOUBLE TG MILES, which you can both redeem for special excursions like the Pratts did…

“Steve and I both signed up for the MILE HIGH MISTRESSCARD, and we chose the Blonde-747 package,” said Jack Pratt of Dayton.  “We had been dressing in drag for years, but once we received our custom female captain and flight attendant costumes in the male, it transformed us from pudgy dad and son into a mom-daughter pair of sex addicts.  With our DOUBLE TG MILES we saved on travel, clothing, makeup, and more.”

“Well, to honest Mom, since we’re now such awesome sluts, the guys we fuck every night pay for everything!  Thanks, MILE HIGH MISTRESSCARD!
And we know just how to thank you for your service – prepare for take
off, gentlemen,” cooed Shana as she winked to her mother Joan…

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