Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Femme-O-Ween 2013: Cougar & Kitten (Oh - me - WOW!)

Femme-O-Ween 2013
“Umm, Kyle – I thought you and I were dressing up like cats of prey,” Kyle’s father Karl said to his teenage son.  Looking down at the slinky cat suits and tights they were wearing, Karl mumbled, “How was I know that my sister Kim was meaning THIS kind of cougar?”  Karl also saw the two large breast forms underneath his suit – they seemed to be part of his body!

“Hey, you make a great cougar, or as Aunt Kimmie would say, you look like a MILF –a mother I’d like to be friendly with,” giggled Kyle, as he posed with a hand of his hip in a way that he saw girls at school steady themselves.

“Well, that’s one very clean version of that anagram.  I guess we are sort of committed to playing a pair of mother-daughter feline fatales!  You
probably will get some interesting looks from the guys on your baseball
team, Kyle – make that, my pretty little Katy cat,”  cooed the proud Kitty.

“Me-ow!  I bet I’ll have Danny Brown’s full attention,” Katy replied, causing Kitty to raise a painted eyebrow.  “Don’t worry, Mom.  I know, we’re a little young to get serious so soon.  But wait until Danny’s dad gets a load of you!  Aunt Kimmie says they’ll be our dates tonight.  Isn’t that the coolest, Mom?”

It took a few glasses of Halloween punch to calm Kitty’s nerves, but she and Katy had a wonderful time with Tom and Danny.  So it should be no surprise that on Valentine’s Day, the cougar finally let Tom stroke her supple fur…

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