Sunday, October 13, 2013

Country Chicks (The newest Southern belles - Stephanie + Jessica!)

Country Chicks
“Jeff, I’m sorry I got you into this mess,” sighed Sam Wilford, a LA based real estate developer who had to go on the run when he found out his partner was dealing with some shady characters in the mob.  He and his only son were not only relocated from the West Coast to the Deep South, they were given new identities – shockingly, the identities were female.
“It’s OK, Dad,” said Jeff wistfully.   “Since you are the only family I got, I had to go where you went to make sure you were alright, and so was I.”  Jeff looked down at his now full bosom and then smiled at the curvy blonde woman Sam had become. 

 “The Feds went to all this damn trouble to keep us together – I think it’s worth it.  You turned out to be so beautiful, Jessica.  I wish you would wear more feminine things like dresses and sandals.  You have a great figure, compared to your old mom here.”

“Hush, Mom,” Jess replied to Stephanie.  “You’re prettier than most of my new girlfriends’ mom.  So tell me,  which one of us new girls is going to let a charming Southern boy take us to bed? (giggle)

“Behave, little girl, or momma will put you over her knee,” laughed Steph.  “Seriously – our ‘coaches’ gave us that set up sex toys for a reason.  This is who we are now – we’re just two country chicks looking for a man to call their own.  And I think we’ll both end up being happy lil’ housewives!”


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