Sunday, October 20, 2013

A Dynamic Duo (Isabel + Jennifer dispensing justice AND cuteness!)

A Dynamic Duo
Ian:  Daddy, how come you dressed up as Batgirl for How-A-Ween?

Jason: Well, I always enjoyed watching Batgirl on TV and reading about her in the comic books.  But, you actually make a much better –a much cuter – Batgirl.  I think I’m going to be Batwoman, who is Batgirl’s crime fighting partner, not to mention she’s Batgirl’s mommy.  

Ian:  You have a great costume Daddy – I mean, Batwoman, and I think you look cute as a superhero too!  And I really like that idea of having a mommy – especially one that fights the bad guys like Joker.

Jason: Thanks, baby.  Well, tonight, instead of fighting the Joker, I thought we’d go trick or treating.  (pauses)  Can I ask you a question?  Would you like to dress up as Batwoman and Batgirl – in our secret identities of Jennifer Ferry and her pretty daughter, Isabel Ferry?

Isabel:  Oh that would be lots of fun!  It’s fun to be a super hero – but I really don’t want to fight people Daddy.  I just like to dress up, and  one day – I want to dress up like a mermaid or a pretty princess – Daddy, can I call you Mommy now?  I like having a mommy again.

Jennifer: Of course, Isabel.   A pretty girl like you needs to be with her mommy.  We’re going to be happy girls – perhaps even happy women  - one day.  Now – are you ready to go out and get some candy?

Isabel:  I am Mommy!  I mean – Batwoman!  Batgirl is ready!

Jennifer: Batwoman is ready as well, Batgirl.  Let’s get going before the Joker gets all the candy in Gotham City!  Follow me, Batgirl!

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