Saturday, October 26, 2013

Femme-O-Ween 2013: Disney Delight (happy ending guaranteed)

Femme-O-Ween 2013

With a trip to the Magic Kingdom on the line, the Greenfield family went all of with their costuming and makeup.  To present three generations as Disney characters was a stroke of genius.   

But when grandmother Monica (as the Queen of Hearts), single mom Paula as the “Belle” of the ball,  and young cutie Emma as the perfect little version of  Cinderella were named the winners, they shocked everyone by outing themselves as the local high school drama teacher Martin, law school grad turned law clerk Pierce, and Errol, the precocious 3 year old who loved all things Disney.  Some people thought it was scandalous – but they were outnumbered by the cheering throngs at the party.

A month later: Three princesses (in more modern clothing)  walked hand in hand into the Happiest Place on Earth…

Friday, October 25, 2013

Femme-O-Ween 2013: Cum Fly With Us (much better than being felt up by TSA)

Femme-O-Ween 2013

Are you tired of your credit card not accumulating enough frequent flier miles?  Are you getting fed up with the run around from the booking agencies, the customer service, and the lack of points and benefits?

Not to mention, aren’t you tired of being a sad sack man, not having any luck with the ladies, and setting a poor example for your male progeny?

Welll, today, your new rewards card is here, and ready to take off.  Introducing the MILE HIGH MISTRESSCARD, from National Bank.  Sign up today – along with your first born son – and receive DOUBLE TG MILES, which you can both redeem for special excursions like the Pratts did…

“Steve and I both signed up for the MILE HIGH MISTRESSCARD, and we chose the Blonde-747 package,” said Jack Pratt of Dayton.  “We had been dressing in drag for years, but once we received our custom female captain and flight attendant costumes in the male, it transformed us from pudgy dad and son into a mom-daughter pair of sex addicts.  With our DOUBLE TG MILES we saved on travel, clothing, makeup, and more.”

“Well, to honest Mom, since we’re now such awesome sluts, the guys we fuck every night pay for everything!  Thanks, MILE HIGH MISTRESSCARD!
And we know just how to thank you for your service – prepare for take
off, gentlemen,” cooed Shana as she winked to her mother Joan…

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Femme-O-Ween 2013: Cougar & Kitten (Oh - me - WOW!)

Femme-O-Ween 2013
“Umm, Kyle – I thought you and I were dressing up like cats of prey,” Kyle’s father Karl said to his teenage son.  Looking down at the slinky cat suits and tights they were wearing, Karl mumbled, “How was I know that my sister Kim was meaning THIS kind of cougar?”  Karl also saw the two large breast forms underneath his suit – they seemed to be part of his body!

“Hey, you make a great cougar, or as Aunt Kimmie would say, you look like a MILF –a mother I’d like to be friendly with,” giggled Kyle, as he posed with a hand of his hip in a way that he saw girls at school steady themselves.

“Well, that’s one very clean version of that anagram.  I guess we are sort of committed to playing a pair of mother-daughter feline fatales!  You
probably will get some interesting looks from the guys on your baseball
team, Kyle – make that, my pretty little Katy cat,”  cooed the proud Kitty.

“Me-ow!  I bet I’ll have Danny Brown’s full attention,” Katy replied, causing Kitty to raise a painted eyebrow.  “Don’t worry, Mom.  I know, we’re a little young to get serious so soon.  But wait until Danny’s dad gets a load of you!  Aunt Kimmie says they’ll be our dates tonight.  Isn’t that the coolest, Mom?”

It took a few glasses of Halloween punch to calm Kitty’s nerves, but she and Katy had a wonderful time with Tom and Danny.  So it should be no surprise that on Valentine’s Day, the cougar finally let Tom stroke her supple fur…

Sunday, October 20, 2013

Femme-O-Ween this week - then a break?

Hey everyone!

I will be out of town for a while, so this coming week - a week ahead of Halloween - I will be posting my annual 3 Halloween themed caps.  Above is representative of the stars of the 2010 2011 and 2013 series of Femme-O-Ween caps.

And when I get back, I may be slower to restart activities here for a couple of reasons:

1. I have been not been as productive as in the past.  I'm sure the general malaise of TG blog activity is to blame.  Also, the commentating of the blog has gone WAAAYY down.  :|

2. The next post will be #800 in the life of AFT - and legit I have redone several concepts many times.  Also, many of the best pix for capping have been used.

3.  I feel like I'm having less RL time to do this.

Now, I don't see me closing the blog or eliminating my archives.   I hope some of my works lasts for a long long time.  I just may be less likely to come up with 10-12 new caps a month.   I still love the thrill of showing you all what goes through my mind - and other body parts. ;)

One idea I have is to resize my caps to be tablet friendly.  Most of my caps are 16x9 as that's the size of my laptop monitor, but most tablets are 4x3 so they look small and skinny.  I want my caps to be as "full figured" as well, I do. LOL

Anyway, thanks for reading TTFN....

A Dynamic Duo (Isabel + Jennifer dispensing justice AND cuteness!)

A Dynamic Duo
Ian:  Daddy, how come you dressed up as Batgirl for How-A-Ween?

Jason: Well, I always enjoyed watching Batgirl on TV and reading about her in the comic books.  But, you actually make a much better –a much cuter – Batgirl.  I think I’m going to be Batwoman, who is Batgirl’s crime fighting partner, not to mention she’s Batgirl’s mommy.  

Ian:  You have a great costume Daddy – I mean, Batwoman, and I think you look cute as a superhero too!  And I really like that idea of having a mommy – especially one that fights the bad guys like Joker.

Jason: Thanks, baby.  Well, tonight, instead of fighting the Joker, I thought we’d go trick or treating.  (pauses)  Can I ask you a question?  Would you like to dress up as Batwoman and Batgirl – in our secret identities of Jennifer Ferry and her pretty daughter, Isabel Ferry?

Isabel:  Oh that would be lots of fun!  It’s fun to be a super hero – but I really don’t want to fight people Daddy.  I just like to dress up, and  one day – I want to dress up like a mermaid or a pretty princess – Daddy, can I call you Mommy now?  I like having a mommy again.

Jennifer: Of course, Isabel.   A pretty girl like you needs to be with her mommy.  We’re going to be happy girls – perhaps even happy women  - one day.  Now – are you ready to go out and get some candy?

Isabel:  I am Mommy!  I mean – Batwoman!  Batgirl is ready!

Jennifer: Batwoman is ready as well, Batgirl.  Let’s get going before the Joker gets all the candy in Gotham City!  Follow me, Batgirl!

Saturday, October 19, 2013

Well Rounded Costumes (Molly + Julia going for the win!)

Well Rounded Costumes
“Holy shit.  Turn around and look at yourself in the mirror, Michael.  Look at how round and girlish your backside looks now,” gasped Mike’s  father Justin.  “I mean, mine looks cute – we both are accentuated by these high heels, but WOW!”

“God, I don’t believe it.  We will win the costume contest for sure – and we’ll both probably get every man in that room hard, Dad,” Mike replied.

The wannabe MILF eyes glazed over at that thought.  “That might be fun.” Julia suggested.

“Lots of fun,” Molly giggled. “Let’s go – Mom!”

It was no surprise that the new mother and daughter won the contest by a landslide.  It also no surprise that each girl’s bubble butt would be introduced to their first ever cocks that night!

Friday, October 18, 2013

Paige’s Plans * Anita’s Actions (And yet another remarkably sexy coincidence)

Paige’s Plans * Anita’s Actions  
I have been hiding my gender identity issues from my father, Abe, for many years.  But this is the perfect way for me to come clean about my lifestyle – my desires – and my plans to live full time as the young hottie Paige.  

I’m kind of nervous tonight – not so much about dressing as Anita – but I’m going out with my college age son, Peter.  Except that Peter will be joining me in this as another dark haired,  cross-dressed beauty. 

I think by dressing him up tonight, and us going out as a mother-daughter on a double date, will allow him to see life through my eyes. 

I think this is the right time to tell my son – make that daughter – that his father is really her loving mother at heart.  I want to be a woman full time, and maybe by being in a dress, she will understand how I feel. 

Wow – she makes quite the sexy MILF, and may she’ll enjoy her date’s company as much as I will mine – (giggle)!  I wonder if I may have a Mom beyond tonight!   What fun we would have going shopping for cute clothes , getting our hair done, and especially, dishing about hot guys!  

Goodness, she’s so beautiful and she seems to be enjoying her guy’s attention as much as I do with my man!   I sure have plans for a night of passion with my man, and by the way she’s winking at me – she does too!

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

MADAME JAE: Team Princess (sequel to Princess Camp)

TEAM Princess:

An update from Miss Jessica Fontaine

Jessi: Hi!  Three years ago, I became a Madame Jae princess, which led to my mom and grandmom to discover the princess inside of them.  Now I’m turning 13, and I’m really looking forward to being a happy teen MJ gurl! My first J-Club dance with an actual date (his name is Gary – way cute!)  Well, here we are at the shop, picking out just the right dress.  Gran says I’m now old enough to show off my long legs and cute behind– HA! – I still have a long way to go to catch up to you & Mom!  

You see, the Princess Camp changed our lives.  We all live as girls – it’s a much more exciting life this way – and we are so closer now!  Mom and Grandma, especially.  The first time they went on dates, they double dated, and they came home giggling and they made me laugh with some of their stories.  Mom ended up engaged to a really sweet guy, and Grandma’s guy really treats her well.  I want a boy to look at me the way they look at them.  One day, I will find my Prince Charming…

Vi: Baby doll, you just stick with your Mom and I .  We’ll make sure you have Gary begging for more.  Work those legs, Jessi!

Mandy: Keep an eye on her, honey – my mother is a man magnet.  Luckily for me, I got my man locked up for life.  And I can’t wait for you two to take me to that bridal boutique!

Vi: Yes, Amanda, but now I have my Milt and I plan on getting into my own lovely wedding gown.  And - the sexy lingerie for our honeymoon!

Mandy: Mother, we have an impressionable 13 year old in front of us.   That being said, wait until Eric sees what I have planned for our first night…
Jess:  Oh you 2 are so crazy!  Look, I’m counting on you both! As a teenage girl, I will act wild & I will cry on your shoulder.  I’m going to grow up to be the best kind of Madame Jae princess – one day I will be a wife, a mother, all while still being the daughter and grand-daughter of the 2 of the best brunette babe princesses EVER!

Want to know how these regal beauties got their tiaras?
Click below to see the original "Princess Camp" part 1 and part 2

Sunday, October 13, 2013

Country Chicks (The newest Southern belles - Stephanie + Jessica!)

Country Chicks
“Jeff, I’m sorry I got you into this mess,” sighed Sam Wilford, a LA based real estate developer who had to go on the run when he found out his partner was dealing with some shady characters in the mob.  He and his only son were not only relocated from the West Coast to the Deep South, they were given new identities – shockingly, the identities were female.
“It’s OK, Dad,” said Jeff wistfully.   “Since you are the only family I got, I had to go where you went to make sure you were alright, and so was I.”  Jeff looked down at his now full bosom and then smiled at the curvy blonde woman Sam had become. 

 “The Feds went to all this damn trouble to keep us together – I think it’s worth it.  You turned out to be so beautiful, Jessica.  I wish you would wear more feminine things like dresses and sandals.  You have a great figure, compared to your old mom here.”

“Hush, Mom,” Jess replied to Stephanie.  “You’re prettier than most of my new girlfriends’ mom.  So tell me,  which one of us new girls is going to let a charming Southern boy take us to bed? (giggle)

“Behave, little girl, or momma will put you over her knee,” laughed Steph.  “Seriously – our ‘coaches’ gave us that set up sex toys for a reason.  This is who we are now – we’re just two country chicks looking for a man to call their own.  And I think we’ll both end up being happy lil’ housewives!”


Junior High Fashion (Glenda + Jenna have style and sweetness)

Junior High Fashion

“Gee, Dad, I wanna thank you for not only taking part in the Riley Junior High Mom & Daughter Fashion Show – but for supporting me dressing up for it.  You’re the best dad – and mom – a  boy who sometimes is a girl could ever have,” said Jesse Brady, 13,  to his father George.

The 34 year old single dad was very touched by the words of thanks that his only child gave him.  His eyes watered – which risked him having his delicate mascara run down his face.
Aww, thanks, Jesse – I mean Jenna.  You know, this is even more fun than I thought it could be.  Now, would you like it if I kept dressing as Glenda and we could go out astwo girls – a pretty girl and her mother?”

“Oh, that would be so cool, Mom!  Hey, did you notice that Gary and his Dad are here to cheer us on?  Gary thinks I’m cute as a girl,” Jenna blushed.

“I noticed them too, baby,” replied Glenda.  She had smiled at her buff neighbor and he had winked at her.  Maybe Lee and Gary would be interested going out later for some pizza & soda…

Friday, October 11, 2013

Open For Business (In this family, business is sooooo good - and BAD!)

Open For Business
The Underwood family still wasn’t sure what happened to them – but they were happy to pose for a few pix!

For three generations, the Underwoods had three pursuits – fast cars, loose women, and trouble.   Jason was now in charge of Underwood’s Garage, with his dad Gordon and son Bryan working part-time.  The kid was supposed to be in college but his focus was on having a good time – a mirror image of the youth’s granddad.  Gordo would rather be having a beer and out fishin’ rather than coming to work.  At least Jason had a mind for business, but he was no angel.  Married thrice, he was enjoying some porn the kid downloaded.   

Then he dozed off and woke up to two hot brunettes – a cougar and a kitten, smiling down on him – or was it her?  Jason noticed her own magnificent rack!

“C’mon Jasmine, the photographer wants us out in the country while it’s still light out,” cooed the older lady with the EE breasts.  Somehow – Jason knew that she was Genevieve – Gordo transformed into the MILFiest MILF ever.    

And Jasmine was Jason now – and that mean the teen dream was Bry – or Bella?  

“Mom, Gram and I were talking about how unique it was for a mother-daughter to pose for a porn site – much less a grand-daughter too!  I bet we can get into movies together as well.  Can you imagine the three of us, sharing some cocks for money?"

The concept of steady income and a purpose in life for her family gave Jasmine a warm feeling inside.  Well, that and the potential for a life of erotic bliss! This sure beats any “real” occupation!