Friday, September 20, 2013

The Lemons’ Party (4 related T-girls will quench your thirst)

The Lemons’ Party
“That’s it girls.  Feel the rush of your new feminine hormones wash over your bodies.  Does it turn you on?  Do you want to one of those fine studs to take you upstairs and make true women out of you?”

Denise Lemon looked at her sister Joyce as their respective daughters (Maria  & Karen) began to deal with their new lusts. 

 25 years ago, brothers Dan & Jim Lemon discovered that the magic “lemonade” not only tastes refreshing, it transformed the sad sack brothers into sexy slinky sex-mad sisters for a weekend of wild passion.  And when their sons Mike and Keith turned 18 this summer, the dads turned back into women – MILFy moms this time – to watch their daughters blossom.  

 Many of the dudes at the party wanted the brown haired cougars as much as the Lemon  kittens.

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