Sunday, September 8, 2013

The "Joy" of Motherhood? (This new mom has her hands full with her trio!)

The “Joy” of Motherhood?
James Slater thought that, by shedding his male identity and transforming himself into the lovely Joy , she would find peace in becoming a happy mom.  Well, sometimes it doesn’t matter what gender you are – or your kids.  Girls can be as bratty as boys, especially when hormones kick in.

“Kristen! Shana!  Will you both please behave just this once?” Joy pleaded.

“Mom, we saw the cutest boys over there,” giggled her youngest son, Kiefer, now her cute “daughter”.

“Yea, we are so totally getting their digits,” cooed Kristen’s big “sis”, the blonde F/K/A Seth.  “Be right back!”

Joy shook her head – so much for learning how to be “lady like”…

Joy, Kristen and Shana were here today to support their elder brother – now sister as she graduated from the Gender Academy, a special school created to bring out the best in guys who wanted to be girls.  Aaron worked hard to be the best Ava she could be, and she was a true inspiration to her sisters – and her mom, all who have become closer as females.

“So, where is Marc taking us to celebrate, Mom?” Ava asked, referring to Joy’s boyfriend, who she recently met online.  “My guy Steve can join us, and my little sisters want to bring those cute guys they met today.”

“Let’s ask him, but first, he wants to take a picture of us,” Joy said with a wink to Marc.  

 Hope he didn’t mind picking up a check for eight!

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