Sunday, September 22, 2013

The Fashionistas (Irene follows Daisy to treat an adoring public)

The Fashionistas
Douglas Garza knew he was different from other boys.  Instead of sports, he was into fashion and design.  This somewhat concerned his father Ian, but he didn’t want to upset Doug further following the death of Mary, their beloved wife/mom.  Doug wanted to enter a prom gown design contest, where the winner designed not only a cute number for a pretty teen but also their proud mother. 
Doug wanted to work with his Aunt Rose, but Ian’s big sister knew what Doug’s dad wouldn’t accept: a sweet and pretty girl was dying to get out from under the boy.  And remembering how well Ian had pulled off drag in a high school skit, she convinced the duo to work together at night sewing fabrics, and while she orchestrated a dual makeover of her brother and nephew – into her baby sister and cute little niece!

The way that both Daisy Garza and her new mom Irene got as they showed off their gorgeous formal wear earned them first prize, a standing ovation at the school auditorium, and offers from Randy Martinez (Daisy) and  vice principal Perez (Irene) to attend the fall dance .  

 Rose knows that she has only a month to give both new girls a crash course on romance from the female perspective.  She knows they’ll rock their new boyfriends ‘ world! 

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