Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Sharing Secrets (Megan + Amy are open-minded, and open for business) ;)

Sharing Secrets
Adam:  See, I told you that you that no one – especially any man – would see your organic genitalia.  Look at how good my “pussy” looks.  Does that make you feel more confidant in going out with Dad dressed as a pretty girl?

Mason: You mean going out with Mom, of course.  Wow.  I’m stoked that you shared your secret life with me, and between these appliances, the wigs, and these stockings, I’m amazed at what hot piece of asses we appears to be!

Amy: So, have you practiced with Mr. Big while wearing the faux piece?  The appliques rub right up against your little cock head – it’s essentially your sensitive clitoris.

Megan: Oh yes… and I’ve been daydreaming that my hard stud has been fucking my cute little brains out, Mom!

Amy: Wait until you experience the real thing, baby.  Here is how my fantasy plays out:  mother and daughter strut into that club and lead two horny hunks back to our place.  We wrap our soft plump lips around those hard, hot cocks – and that’s an experience you’ll love as well – and then we straddle our men, wrap these long legs around their wastes, and ride those big boys until the dawn breaks.

Megan:  Mom, I’m glad you’re teaching me all these tricks!

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