Saturday, September 28, 2013

Proper Alignment (Angela + Lisa, at your SERVICE!)

PROPER Alignment
Allen Dayley knew cars, but he didn’t know much about treating women with respect.  His son Len was just as good of a mechanic as Dad – and just as much of a pig-headed lout as the old man.  One time, they went to far with a female client – one who just happened to be a real live WITCH!
“Now, it’s time to drain the fluids,” cooed Angela Dayley, as she knelt and pulled her stud’s jeans down, exposing his 10” “piston.”  Lisa, Angela’s daughter, was servicing her own “chassis”, and he was as big as his buddy. Five minutes later, Sean and Roger were drained. 

 “Here at Dayley Motors, we help keep you properly aligned,” Lisa giggled. “So, Mom and I think that you both could use a little – um – body work.”

"That’s right fellows – and our service bays are open for your convenience – and for our MUTUAL satisfaction," Angela added seductively.

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