Sunday, September 1, 2013

Pilot Light (Caroline is still with our three hero-ines)

Pilot Light
Caroline Mathis was probably the perfect wife and mother, and her men – husband Roger, and sons Alec and Jason – loved her but sometimes could take her for granted.  But when cancer took her away from them, they were beyond anguished.  It affected their lives – job, school, social lives.  Their summers were always spent on the family powerboat, but even that seemed no longer fun.   

To help the family move on, the guys decided to sprinkle her ashes on the bay that she loved to lay out in her favorite bikini.  Suddenly, a wild wind kicked in as the ashes seemed to wash over the entire vessel.  As they emerged, Renee Mathis looked at her daughters, and then to the bright sky, and she smiled while wiping away a tear…

“Mom… what’s on your mind?” Annie asked.

“Oh, I’m just thrilled that we’re spending another wonderful summer together on the water.  I just wish your Aunt Caroline was still with us..  To enjoy this beautiful day,” Renee replied as she hugged Annie.

“That’s why we brought her out here, Mom.  She’ll always be with us,” Joni said, as she slid next to her sister for a  photo.  

 Joni’s fiancee took the picture, as Annie’s guy admired their golden bikini bodies.  After piloting the boat to the ideal spot, Renee’s  doctor boyfriend joined the sunset viewing party.  As the three Mathis girls snuggled with their handsome beaus to enjoy the romantic setting… their beloved Caroline was smiling down on all of her loved ones.

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