Sunday, September 29, 2013

Only One Can Win… (But Penny + Charlotte can share in the rewards!)

Only One Can Win…
“Ladies and gentlemen, the winner of the 2013 Miss Chicago Womanless Pageant is…”

Both Pete and Curt Reeves never EVER would have agreed on their own to cross-dress – in public no less.  Too humiliating!

But here they were, moments away from winning a drag beauty contest.  They were wearing heels – stilettos no less – and it made their legs look so sexy.  As yes – that was silky lingerie underneath their clothes.  And yea – it felt awesome!

Charlotte took a peek at her son – daughter, in this mode, and felt a great deal of pride in her child – and a tear ran down her painted cheek.  She felt so proud, so… so… MOTHERLY!

Penny returned the smile and had a lump in her throat as the MC announced – Penny WON!  She shrieked as Charlotte came across stage to embrace her.  “Mom!” was all she could cry out.

After the show, Penny was handed a handwritten note – and some flowers.  “Seems like you have an admirer,” grinned Charlotte.  “Would want to go out with a man – what’s this?”

Penny snatched a new note out of Charlotte’s hand, read it, and laughed.  “I’ll ask you the same thing, Mom.  You and a guy?”

“Double date,” Charlotte cooed.  “That way, we both win.”

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