Friday, September 6, 2013

“New” Neighbors (Say hi to Abby + Hannah - version 2.girl)

"New" Neighbors
My name’s Zach, and my family has lived in this cul-de-sac since I was a baby.  Our next door neighbors are – or were – Mr. Allan Jordan, his wife, and his son, Heath, who was my age, and we used to play ball together.  They were This summer, my dad and I went away for the summer, traveled the country, and had a blast! But in the months we were gone – it looked like our neighbors had moved out of the ‘hood.
 I already knew that Mrs. Jordan had gotten a divorce and took most of the stuff in the house.  I saw two pretty ladies standing on their terrace; the taller, older one waved me over while the purple dressed girl (I guess her daughter) looked shy and even nervous.  I strolled over.

“Hi.  I’m Abigail and this is Hannah,  we’re so pleased to meet our…”

“Umm.. Mr. Jordan, why are you and Heath posing as women?”

“Shit,  I knew he’d recognize us, Mom.,” cursed Hannah.  “Now he’s going to expose us, and our lives will be ruined!  Look… Zach… it’s”

“It’s OK, cutie,” I said with disarming charm.  “You make a very pretty girl – like your mother here.  Can I take you to the movies tonight?”

Hannah was speechless, but Miss Abby was grinning like a Cheshire cat.  “Zach, I’ll allow it, if you can talk your hunky single dad into joining us!”


Dee Mentia said...

Thought this was a great story since I wanted to know why they were dressing up .. but umm .. earlier in the story you say that Zach went away and had a great time with his "folks" implying a pair of parents, but then Abby is hitting on Zach's "hunky single dad"?

Annabelle Raven said...

yikes - quality control issue :| Thanks Dee - I have "terminated" Zack's mom - no worries, it was bloodless :p