Sunday, September 15, 2013

Mother + Daughter Think Alike! (Ruthie knew that about Tasha)

Mom & Daughter Think Alike
Rodney (52): So what do you think now about your ability to look like a beautiful young  woman?  Everyone at the party believed that you are a charming, beautiful and attractive young woman.  I feel like such a proud mother.

Trent (24):  That’s because everyone knows you as a woman, and not as my father.  I do thank you for teaching me your tricks , Mom.  I feel so incredibly alive right now!

Ruthie: I haven’t  taught you every trick, but stick with me, little girl, and soon you’ll experience so more wonderful feelings.   That’s why I set us babes up on a double date.

Tasha: So – what’s the best part about being with a man?

Ruthie:  Oh, lot’s of things, honey.  The good ones hold the door for you – they send you flowers – their kisses…

Tasha:  I see the way you have George doting on you, Mom.  Do you enjoy that just as much as you enjoy your sex life?

Ruthie:  Tasha!  (giggle)  It seems we think a lot alike as girls!

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