Saturday, September 14, 2013

First Assignment (Brandi + Jacqui make the grade)

First Assignment
Last night in the Hardy household kitchen…

JERRY (38):  We look ridiculous!  Why the fuck I agreed to this bet with you, “son”,  I will never know why…

BRAD(18):  Hey, you said if my grades got me into college, you would do anything… well, I did it!  Granted, it is cosmetology college – and my first “assignment” is to turn us into a pair of mother-daughter hotties.  And my professor should be here in an hour.  Nice legs, “mother.”

JERRY: Let’s just get this thing over with!
Three hours later…
As JACQUI deep throats her first cock, BRANDI is too horny to notice how realistic her mom’s tits are as they bounce.  Looks like both of these new shemale whores will be “making the grade” all over campus!


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