Saturday, September 14, 2013

BLESSINGS: A Story of Family, Femininity and Fellowship (starring Alicia + Gina)

A Story of Family, Femininity
 and Fellowship  
“Something bothering you, Adam?” asked Glenn Ferry, as the father and son drove home from Sunday Service at the Deliverance of Our Father Evangelical Church where their family had worshipped for years.   

“I don’t know, Dad, I don’t think I liked the sermon that Pastor gave.  It was all about how people who are – different – gays, same sex couples, non-traditional families – were sinners in the eyes of God.  I… don’t think it’s right, Dad – how do you feel?”

Glenn was very proud of Adam at that moment.  He explained that he shared the same opinion, and that they would not be going back to that church.  “You know, son… since we are getting our feelings off our chest – I have something else to tell you.  Since Ellen’s funeral (Glenn’s wife  & Adam’s mom, who passed a year prior), I have been, well…”

“Dressing in Mom’s old clothes?” Adam grinned.  The teen saw his dad’s shocked impression, and grinned.  “How do I know?  Because I have been too.  I feel like a girl inside when I dress.  No – I feel like I AM a girl inside.  That’s probably why I reacted to the sermon like I did.  I’m curious Dad – are you like me – a girl on the inside?”

Glenn parked the car in their driveway,  and they walked inside, and embraced each other.  Through the tears, Glenn whispered,  “I love you.  And I would love to meet my daughter.”

“Only if she gets to meet her mother…”


“Welcome to Spirit Church, Gina and Alicia.  We’re glad you’ve joined our community, as we celebrate our diversity and tolerance openly, unlike other churches in town,” welcomed the young pastor, Bobby Lyons.

“We really enjoyed your sermon, Pastor, and everyone has been so warm in welcoming us, and that’s a nice change,” smiled Gina, as she and her “mini me” showed off their matching Sunday dresses.  

 “Mom, they have a church dance next week, we should totally go, and meet some cute guys,” cooed Alicia as they drove home.  

 “I know – I met a handsome clergyman today, and I didn’t see a ring on his hand,” giggled the gorgeous older blonde.

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