Sunday, September 29, 2013

A New Kind of Child Support (and Rhonda + Molly support each other!)

A New Kind of Child Support
Look, I loved my kid, even though at 16, I wasn’t ready to be a father.  I was Reggie Reynolds, aka “Mister Party Boy!”  But I wasn’t looking out for Marcus, I figured that his baby mommy, Wendy, took care of everything, and I just gave her what I could – after blowing the rest on my ridiculous lifestyle.  Something had to change!

Too bad it took Wendy being hit by a bus – and her mom getting full custody of the kid – and me finally facing my addictions – that pushed me to focus.  And then I faced my greatest hidden secret – I felt like a girl inside, and acted out all tough to cover for it.  But I would never had done that if I hadn’t come to visit my kid at his gram’s– and he’s made up in a cute dress with pigtails and little stockings and shoes.  So damn cute!
I looked at Geraldine and asked why.  “Well, Molly knows she’s a pretty girl.  But you know what she really needs? A mommy.”  

 I lost it and bawled on her shoulder, and from that day on, Geri was on my side, and helped me find the me I always wanted to be.  She helped me with a makeover, wardrobe, and hiding my “flaws.”  Now I’m Rhonda and I am Mommy to the cutest little girl ever! She’s my whole life; I love my little angel!    

Now, all we need is a Prince Charming; Molly will definitely make a great “Daddy’s girl” and I am looking forward to dating!  Geri said she’ll teach me how to find the right guy; one day, I’ll teach Molly the same!  

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