Sunday, September 29, 2013

Only One Can Win… (But Penny + Charlotte can share in the rewards!)

Only One Can Win…
“Ladies and gentlemen, the winner of the 2013 Miss Chicago Womanless Pageant is…”

Both Pete and Curt Reeves never EVER would have agreed on their own to cross-dress – in public no less.  Too humiliating!

But here they were, moments away from winning a drag beauty contest.  They were wearing heels – stilettos no less – and it made their legs look so sexy.  As yes – that was silky lingerie underneath their clothes.  And yea – it felt awesome!

Charlotte took a peek at her son – daughter, in this mode, and felt a great deal of pride in her child – and a tear ran down her painted cheek.  She felt so proud, so… so… MOTHERLY!

Penny returned the smile and had a lump in her throat as the MC announced – Penny WON!  She shrieked as Charlotte came across stage to embrace her.  “Mom!” was all she could cry out.

After the show, Penny was handed a handwritten note – and some flowers.  “Seems like you have an admirer,” grinned Charlotte.  “Would want to go out with a man – what’s this?”

Penny snatched a new note out of Charlotte’s hand, read it, and laughed.  “I’ll ask you the same thing, Mom.  You and a guy?”

“Double date,” Charlotte cooed.  “That way, we both win.”

A New Kind of Child Support (and Rhonda + Molly support each other!)

A New Kind of Child Support
Look, I loved my kid, even though at 16, I wasn’t ready to be a father.  I was Reggie Reynolds, aka “Mister Party Boy!”  But I wasn’t looking out for Marcus, I figured that his baby mommy, Wendy, took care of everything, and I just gave her what I could – after blowing the rest on my ridiculous lifestyle.  Something had to change!

Too bad it took Wendy being hit by a bus – and her mom getting full custody of the kid – and me finally facing my addictions – that pushed me to focus.  And then I faced my greatest hidden secret – I felt like a girl inside, and acted out all tough to cover for it.  But I would never had done that if I hadn’t come to visit my kid at his gram’s– and he’s made up in a cute dress with pigtails and little stockings and shoes.  So damn cute!
I looked at Geraldine and asked why.  “Well, Molly knows she’s a pretty girl.  But you know what she really needs? A mommy.”  

 I lost it and bawled on her shoulder, and from that day on, Geri was on my side, and helped me find the me I always wanted to be.  She helped me with a makeover, wardrobe, and hiding my “flaws.”  Now I’m Rhonda and I am Mommy to the cutest little girl ever! She’s my whole life; I love my little angel!    

Now, all we need is a Prince Charming; Molly will definitely make a great “Daddy’s girl” and I am looking forward to dating!  Geri said she’ll teach me how to find the right guy; one day, I’ll teach Molly the same!  

Saturday, September 28, 2013

Proper Alignment (Angela + Lisa, at your SERVICE!)

PROPER Alignment
Allen Dayley knew cars, but he didn’t know much about treating women with respect.  His son Len was just as good of a mechanic as Dad – and just as much of a pig-headed lout as the old man.  One time, they went to far with a female client – one who just happened to be a real live WITCH!
“Now, it’s time to drain the fluids,” cooed Angela Dayley, as she knelt and pulled her stud’s jeans down, exposing his 10” “piston.”  Lisa, Angela’s daughter, was servicing her own “chassis”, and he was as big as his buddy. Five minutes later, Sean and Roger were drained. 

 “Here at Dayley Motors, we help keep you properly aligned,” Lisa giggled. “So, Mom and I think that you both could use a little – um – body work.”

"That’s right fellows – and our service bays are open for your convenience – and for our MUTUAL satisfaction," Angela added seductively.

Sunday, September 22, 2013

The Fashionistas (Irene follows Daisy to treat an adoring public)

The Fashionistas
Douglas Garza knew he was different from other boys.  Instead of sports, he was into fashion and design.  This somewhat concerned his father Ian, but he didn’t want to upset Doug further following the death of Mary, their beloved wife/mom.  Doug wanted to enter a prom gown design contest, where the winner designed not only a cute number for a pretty teen but also their proud mother. 
Doug wanted to work with his Aunt Rose, but Ian’s big sister knew what Doug’s dad wouldn’t accept: a sweet and pretty girl was dying to get out from under the boy.  And remembering how well Ian had pulled off drag in a high school skit, she convinced the duo to work together at night sewing fabrics, and while she orchestrated a dual makeover of her brother and nephew – into her baby sister and cute little niece!

The way that both Daisy Garza and her new mom Irene got as they showed off their gorgeous formal wear earned them first prize, a standing ovation at the school auditorium, and offers from Randy Martinez (Daisy) and  vice principal Perez (Irene) to attend the fall dance .  

 Rose knows that she has only a month to give both new girls a crash course on romance from the female perspective.  She knows they’ll rock their new boyfriends ‘ world! 

Friday, September 20, 2013

The Lemons’ Party (4 related T-girls will quench your thirst)

The Lemons’ Party
“That’s it girls.  Feel the rush of your new feminine hormones wash over your bodies.  Does it turn you on?  Do you want to one of those fine studs to take you upstairs and make true women out of you?”

Denise Lemon looked at her sister Joyce as their respective daughters (Maria  & Karen) began to deal with their new lusts. 

 25 years ago, brothers Dan & Jim Lemon discovered that the magic “lemonade” not only tastes refreshing, it transformed the sad sack brothers into sexy slinky sex-mad sisters for a weekend of wild passion.  And when their sons Mike and Keith turned 18 this summer, the dads turned back into women – MILFy moms this time – to watch their daughters blossom.  

 Many of the dudes at the party wanted the brown haired cougars as much as the Lemon  kittens.

Sunday, September 15, 2013

Mother + Daughter Think Alike! (Ruthie knew that about Tasha)

Mom & Daughter Think Alike
Rodney (52): So what do you think now about your ability to look like a beautiful young  woman?  Everyone at the party believed that you are a charming, beautiful and attractive young woman.  I feel like such a proud mother.

Trent (24):  That’s because everyone knows you as a woman, and not as my father.  I do thank you for teaching me your tricks , Mom.  I feel so incredibly alive right now!

Ruthie: I haven’t  taught you every trick, but stick with me, little girl, and soon you’ll experience so more wonderful feelings.   That’s why I set us babes up on a double date.

Tasha: So – what’s the best part about being with a man?

Ruthie:  Oh, lot’s of things, honey.  The good ones hold the door for you – they send you flowers – their kisses…

Tasha:  I see the way you have George doting on you, Mom.  Do you enjoy that just as much as you enjoy your sex life?

Ruthie:  Tasha!  (giggle)  It seems we think a lot alike as girls!

Saturday, September 14, 2013

BLESSINGS: A Story of Family, Femininity and Fellowship (starring Alicia + Gina)

A Story of Family, Femininity
 and Fellowship  
“Something bothering you, Adam?” asked Glenn Ferry, as the father and son drove home from Sunday Service at the Deliverance of Our Father Evangelical Church where their family had worshipped for years.   

“I don’t know, Dad, I don’t think I liked the sermon that Pastor gave.  It was all about how people who are – different – gays, same sex couples, non-traditional families – were sinners in the eyes of God.  I… don’t think it’s right, Dad – how do you feel?”

Glenn was very proud of Adam at that moment.  He explained that he shared the same opinion, and that they would not be going back to that church.  “You know, son… since we are getting our feelings off our chest – I have something else to tell you.  Since Ellen’s funeral (Glenn’s wife  & Adam’s mom, who passed a year prior), I have been, well…”

“Dressing in Mom’s old clothes?” Adam grinned.  The teen saw his dad’s shocked impression, and grinned.  “How do I know?  Because I have been too.  I feel like a girl inside when I dress.  No – I feel like I AM a girl inside.  That’s probably why I reacted to the sermon like I did.  I’m curious Dad – are you like me – a girl on the inside?”

Glenn parked the car in their driveway,  and they walked inside, and embraced each other.  Through the tears, Glenn whispered,  “I love you.  And I would love to meet my daughter.”

“Only if she gets to meet her mother…”


“Welcome to Spirit Church, Gina and Alicia.  We’re glad you’ve joined our community, as we celebrate our diversity and tolerance openly, unlike other churches in town,” welcomed the young pastor, Bobby Lyons.

“We really enjoyed your sermon, Pastor, and everyone has been so warm in welcoming us, and that’s a nice change,” smiled Gina, as she and her “mini me” showed off their matching Sunday dresses.  

 “Mom, they have a church dance next week, we should totally go, and meet some cute guys,” cooed Alicia as they drove home.  

 “I know – I met a handsome clergyman today, and I didn’t see a ring on his hand,” giggled the gorgeous older blonde.

First Assignment (Brandi + Jacqui make the grade)

First Assignment
Last night in the Hardy household kitchen…

JERRY (38):  We look ridiculous!  Why the fuck I agreed to this bet with you, “son”,  I will never know why…

BRAD(18):  Hey, you said if my grades got me into college, you would do anything… well, I did it!  Granted, it is cosmetology college – and my first “assignment” is to turn us into a pair of mother-daughter hotties.  And my professor should be here in an hour.  Nice legs, “mother.”

JERRY: Let’s just get this thing over with!
Three hours later…
As JACQUI deep throats her first cock, BRANDI is too horny to notice how realistic her mom’s tits are as they bounce.  Looks like both of these new shemale whores will be “making the grade” all over campus!


Sunday, September 8, 2013

The "Joy" of Motherhood? (This new mom has her hands full with her trio!)

The “Joy” of Motherhood?
James Slater thought that, by shedding his male identity and transforming himself into the lovely Joy , she would find peace in becoming a happy mom.  Well, sometimes it doesn’t matter what gender you are – or your kids.  Girls can be as bratty as boys, especially when hormones kick in.

“Kristen! Shana!  Will you both please behave just this once?” Joy pleaded.

“Mom, we saw the cutest boys over there,” giggled her youngest son, Kiefer, now her cute “daughter”.

“Yea, we are so totally getting their digits,” cooed Kristen’s big “sis”, the blonde F/K/A Seth.  “Be right back!”

Joy shook her head – so much for learning how to be “lady like”…

Joy, Kristen and Shana were here today to support their elder brother – now sister as she graduated from the Gender Academy, a special school created to bring out the best in guys who wanted to be girls.  Aaron worked hard to be the best Ava she could be, and she was a true inspiration to her sisters – and her mom, all who have become closer as females.

“So, where is Marc taking us to celebrate, Mom?” Ava asked, referring to Joy’s boyfriend, who she recently met online.  “My guy Steve can join us, and my little sisters want to bring those cute guys they met today.”

“Let’s ask him, but first, he wants to take a picture of us,” Joy said with a wink to Marc.  

 Hope he didn’t mind picking up a check for eight!

Friday, September 6, 2013

“New” Neighbors (Say hi to Abby + Hannah - version 2.girl)

"New" Neighbors
My name’s Zach, and my family has lived in this cul-de-sac since I was a baby.  Our next door neighbors are – or were – Mr. Allan Jordan, his wife, and his son, Heath, who was my age, and we used to play ball together.  They were This summer, my dad and I went away for the summer, traveled the country, and had a blast! But in the months we were gone – it looked like our neighbors had moved out of the ‘hood.
 I already knew that Mrs. Jordan had gotten a divorce and took most of the stuff in the house.  I saw two pretty ladies standing on their terrace; the taller, older one waved me over while the purple dressed girl (I guess her daughter) looked shy and even nervous.  I strolled over.

“Hi.  I’m Abigail and this is Hannah,  we’re so pleased to meet our…”

“Umm.. Mr. Jordan, why are you and Heath posing as women?”

“Shit,  I knew he’d recognize us, Mom.,” cursed Hannah.  “Now he’s going to expose us, and our lives will be ruined!  Look… Zach… it’s”

“It’s OK, cutie,” I said with disarming charm.  “You make a very pretty girl – like your mother here.  Can I take you to the movies tonight?”

Hannah was speechless, but Miss Abby was grinning like a Cheshire cat.  “Zach, I’ll allow it, if you can talk your hunky single dad into joining us!”

Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Sharing Secrets (Megan + Amy are open-minded, and open for business) ;)

Sharing Secrets
Adam:  See, I told you that you that no one – especially any man – would see your organic genitalia.  Look at how good my “pussy” looks.  Does that make you feel more confidant in going out with Dad dressed as a pretty girl?

Mason: You mean going out with Mom, of course.  Wow.  I’m stoked that you shared your secret life with me, and between these appliances, the wigs, and these stockings, I’m amazed at what hot piece of asses we appears to be!

Amy: So, have you practiced with Mr. Big while wearing the faux piece?  The appliques rub right up against your little cock head – it’s essentially your sensitive clitoris.

Megan: Oh yes… and I’ve been daydreaming that my hard stud has been fucking my cute little brains out, Mom!

Amy: Wait until you experience the real thing, baby.  Here is how my fantasy plays out:  mother and daughter strut into that club and lead two horny hunks back to our place.  We wrap our soft plump lips around those hard, hot cocks – and that’s an experience you’ll love as well – and then we straddle our men, wrap these long legs around their wastes, and ride those big boys until the dawn breaks.

Megan:  Mom, I’m glad you’re teaching me all these tricks!

Sunday, September 1, 2013

Pilot Light (Caroline is still with our three hero-ines)

Pilot Light
Caroline Mathis was probably the perfect wife and mother, and her men – husband Roger, and sons Alec and Jason – loved her but sometimes could take her for granted.  But when cancer took her away from them, they were beyond anguished.  It affected their lives – job, school, social lives.  Their summers were always spent on the family powerboat, but even that seemed no longer fun.   

To help the family move on, the guys decided to sprinkle her ashes on the bay that she loved to lay out in her favorite bikini.  Suddenly, a wild wind kicked in as the ashes seemed to wash over the entire vessel.  As they emerged, Renee Mathis looked at her daughters, and then to the bright sky, and she smiled while wiping away a tear…

“Mom… what’s on your mind?” Annie asked.

“Oh, I’m just thrilled that we’re spending another wonderful summer together on the water.  I just wish your Aunt Caroline was still with us..  To enjoy this beautiful day,” Renee replied as she hugged Annie.

“That’s why we brought her out here, Mom.  She’ll always be with us,” Joni said, as she slid next to her sister for a  photo.  

 Joni’s fiancee took the picture, as Annie’s guy admired their golden bikini bodies.  After piloting the boat to the ideal spot, Renee’s  doctor boyfriend joined the sunset viewing party.  As the three Mathis girls snuggled with their handsome beaus to enjoy the romantic setting… their beloved Caroline was smiling down on all of her loved ones.