Sunday, August 11, 2013

Veterans to BFF Mommies (from serving their country to serving their family needs)

Charlie Carter from Iowa and Leo Garza from Brooklyn served together in the Gulf War and became unlikely best friends.  After being discharged, they tried to keep in touch but it wasn’t easy.  Each fathered a son with the girls they left behind – Shaun and Daniel were born days apart.  Leo’s girl died in an accident, and Charlie’s left with another man, and they each devoted themselves to raising their boys.  

 But it was tough, especially when each one realized that their sons were really sweet, pretty and happy daughters inside.  Despite being outcast by their families, each spent money and time to get counseling and care for their new baby girls.  Shaun emerged as Samantha and Daniel as Deanna, and they were growing up to be so beautiful.  Each dad was proud but a little jealous of their girls, and each teen queen talked their parents into trying out the makeup and clothes “just once.”

That’s all it took for these Army vets to realize that being a mom would the best for themselves, and for the young women they loved so dearly.  So you imagine the joy that Cynthia Carter and Layla Garza felt when they shared the news of their change with each other.  These Army vets  planned a reunion vacation to “meet” their new BFF and daughters.   

The girls became as close as their moms, and they soon convinced their elders to shop for some hot dresses, so that by the end of the summer, all four of them would have hunky boyfriends!

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