Friday, August 23, 2013

UNBELIEVABLE! (Elly, Katie, their new bodies, and their leap of faith)

“UNBELIEVABLE!  This is unbelievable, son!”

“Believe it, dad.  The two incredibly sexy women you see in that mirror, are in fact – us – Ed and Kevin Simmons.  Father and son – scratch that – mother  and daughter!”

“I just can’t fathom that for 41 years, I was just like any other guy who appreciated a beautiful woman.  And for the last 19,  I was watching you grow up to be a chip off the old block –now we’re both rebuilding our lives as females!”

“Yeah, it’s amazing what the FBI proposed to do to protect us from retaliation by the mob.  Now we new identities as Kaitlyn Stone and her mother Elinor.  The surgery, the new curves, the new genetalia …”

“That’s the scary part, honey.  Between the hormones and the looks I’ve gotten from guys – I‘m starting to have some really interesting thoughts about my sexuality.”

“Me too, and they told us we’d feel this way, Mom.  We’re women now – and we have needs.  Look let’s jump in head first – the W/P folks have already found us two dates to take us out.  Let’s show them a good time!”

“I guess we know a few things about what guys want, right Katie?  I agree – and I think once we find some men who know what we want, we’ll be two very happy girls!”
“I still can’t comprehend it,  Katie!  I see us both with these curves snaked inside this sexy lingerie – and it blows my damn mind!”

“You know what blows my mind, mother?  That sex toy, and having female orgasms.  You tried it yet?”


“Yes (sigh), and I am so scared that I’m going to have no dignity left, after 30+ years of being a skirt chaser, that I’m now simply Easy Elly, the eager man magnet.”

“I hear ya mom – but consider the alternative, eh.  I’m happy we’re alive and together, and I’m really loving our mother/daughter bonding.  But – mmmm – this girl needs to be fucked – and fucked hard!  So do you – and you know it; you need to accept that, Mom!”

Elinor knew Kaitlyn was right, as she closed her eyes and imagined...

“So… you see anything you like?  Lots of man meat in this market.”

“Oh I’m liking what I see.  But I just don’t know, Katie…”

“You.  Need.  This.  And you will be approach.  Christ, you are built for sex.  One day, I’m gonna inherit your big tits and child bearing hips.”

“Funny.  I gave up my cock so we could live a long, safe life.”

“Yea, but is being safe living?  I know, bad example.  Look this scared me too Mom.  Six months ago, I would rather stab my eyes than imagine touching a man.  But I want and need this.  And you told me you do too!”

“I… I do need it.  And I do need to face my desires.  And I need to loosen up.  Fun.  We need to have some fun.  We deserve it, baby.”

“I love you, Mom.  I’m very proud to be your daughter.”

“Kaitlyn… wow, good thing they invited tear proof mascara!”

“No kidding! (giggle)  Oh, look, from the left.  Time to play.”

Two well dressed men approach Elinor and Kaitlyn.

“Hello ladies.  I’m Bruce and this is Sam.”

“I’m his mom’s brother – so yea, I’m Uncle Sam.  Only I’m friendlier and better organized, and I don’t have a goatee like him.”

“That’s funny.  I was expecting you to say that enjoyed screwing people.”

“I think we all would enjoy that. (Grin)  So are you two sisters?”

“I could say that (grin) but this is actually my daughter Katie.  I’m Elly.”

“Yes, she loves it when you guess that we’re sisters, it inflates her ego.  So boys, why don’t we grab a table and chat a little bit?”
An hour later, in the ladies room…

Do you enjoy screwing people?  Oh my God, Mom, I almost lost it when you said that to Sam.  (LAUGHING)”

“I told you, Katie.  I’m ready for this.”

“I know.  I am too.  And if Bruce keeps stroking my bare knee, I’m just gonna lift my dress up and let him do me right their in the club. 

“Well, you could put your hand on his lap– fondle his hard on through his trousers, and rake it with your nails.”

“So that’s what you’re doing when you moved closer to Sam!  You dirty bitch you!”

(Sly smile) “Darling, time to grab life by the balls!”

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