Sunday, August 18, 2013

The Privileged Few (A Royal Tale of 3 Former Masters)

The Privileged Few
For generations, the House of Taylor yielded great influence and power  in this tiny kingdom.   Lord Frederick ran the national bank, and his peerage heirs (son Anthony and grandson Thomas)  would likely be the fiscal power for the next generations.  Frederick and Anthony, in their roles as chairman and vice president of the exchequer, were coming under fire from the activist leadership of the lower class workers’ party for their patronizing attitudes towards the poor, especially the country's women of the working class.  

  “Women should know their role and how best to serve their benefactors, right Thomas?” chuckled his Lordship to his grandson, who was already chasing skirts across the globe as his family funded his jet-set lifestyle.  Little did he or his father or grandfather know that a long ago deal made with the Devil was now being called due.  

All three Taylor males awoke one morning in their family castle as females: beautiful, delicate, and their male identities eliminated forever.  Now they were Lady Frieda, her daughter Alexandra, and granddaughter  Talia.  No longer the brutish misogynists that they were, they were now best known for supporting causes that benefitted the poor working class women on the kingdom.   

 And while they may no longer control the economy of the nation, they did yield a lot of influence on the men who supposedly ran the engines of business.   Whereas Thomas would have succeeded his Dad and Grandfather in running the Bank, Talia would now use her Mum and Grandmother as role models in continuing the family philanthropy – as well as fashion, personal appearance and  making a privilege male moan and quiver in her presence.  Now this… this was their greatest power!

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