Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Seeing How This Works… (Tanya + Giselle go "exploring")

Seeing How This Works…
TIM: What the hell?  It’s 11 AM, why are you getting out of  bed so late?  And what was all of that moaning & crying?

GABE: I don’t want to talk about it Dad, OK?  Please?

TIM:  First off, it’s Mom, not Dad anymore.  You know that the Feds had to build these new identities as mother and daughter after that radiation changed our bodies forever.

GABE: About that – MOM.  I was reading on the internet that men had their sexual peak at 18, and women at age 40.  So what happens when you are a guy at 18, and then you wake up in a hospital a year later, and you’re a chick?

TANYA: Honey, were you… umm… exploring your…

GISELLE:  I was MASTURBATING, ok??  I was looking at pictures of Bradley Cooper on my iPad while imaging the two of us under a waterfall on some Caribbean island!

TANYA: Giselle, I’m sorry.  I know this has been tough on us, and we had to pick up and start new lives as women.  But I’m glad you are embracing your… womanhood.  I need to do the same.  You’re going to make some cute guy a pretty wonderful girlfriend, and I hope I can do the same as well.

GISELLE: I’m sorry I snapped at you Mom.  And you will find the right guy, and we’ll look back on this and laugh a lot.

TANYA: Bradley Cooper under a waterfall huh?  I think I may prefer George Clooney in a tux on the red carpet.  Say, can I borrow your iPad tonight; now I’m pretty curious! :)

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