Sunday, August 4, 2013

Riding in Style (Where Deanne + Raquel are going, we should follow!)


Dylan Walker was on college break and he visited his dad, Russell, in NYC, where he had started a new life and business after his divorce.  Dylan assumed his dad was gay – he wasn’t – Raquel had always wanted to be a beautiful blonde socialite, and thanks to her new lover, she was going to become a society queen – pardon the pun.   

And Raquel wanted to share her life with her child.  She spent her Reggie’s money on a salon and boutique spree, all to turn Dylan into her mini-me daughter, Deanne.  To “christen” their new lives as blonde bombshells, mother and daughter hit the town in a stretch limo.  They were rocking LBDs and high heels, their bodies pumped with fresh estrogen, and buzzed from the champagne.  

 As the limo stopped at every hot club, the gurls hopped out, and hopped back in with a couple of studs to play with.  By pulling their dresses back to expose their booty, there’s no mistaking the signal these sluts are showing!


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