Saturday, August 3, 2013

Picturing the Life We Want (Mindy helps her daughters see clearly)

 the life we want…

My kids are pretty smart.  Turns out, they’re also pretty well… PRETTY!    They must come by it naturally – and now by that person who donated her eggs to their creation.   

Look, once I had that talk with them, where I explained that Dad felt better as Naomi than as Nick – I figured they’d probably realize that my ex-wife’s vitriol against me was, well, maybe right.   

But, God bless these two wonderful children!  They insisted that Debra let them visit me this summer. And when they said that they wanted to call me Mom instead of her, my heart swelled.   

But the coup de grace?  Jason and Matt had developed this elaborate
plan, where they would become two cute girls who would stay with their “true” mom, and bonding over activities with me as my daughters.   I cried and hugged my darlings and I endorsed their plans.  

 I don’t have an answer for Debra when comes calling – but I don’t care.  Jodi and Mindy are MY girls now, and no one will deny us the life that we dream of!  To celebrate, we took these cute photos.  Look at these heartbreakers!   

And wait until they learn how much fun it is to have a cute guy dote on you! :)

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