Friday, August 16, 2013

No time to explain... (Emily + Melissa will sruvive, and thrive...)

No time to explain…
“Two bus  tickets for Las  Vegas, and hurry, please!”  I was being yanked away from a nice chat I was having with Jeff.  

 He was the first boy that I had allowed to talk to me since my Dad, Michael, and I (formerly Eric), needed to run away from the Russian mobsters who we witnessed execute a hit on our poor Uncle Leo.  Leo wanted to run away to, posing as Dad – err Mom’s sister Laura, but he didn’t make it.  So it fell to us to play mother and daughter and follow in his –err – high heels!   
“I’m sorry to be so abrupt Emily!  Must be these new hormones we’re taking.  Guess this is why women are so moody!”   

Well, Mom I don’t think we’ll have a “monthly visitor” like genetic girls do, but I’m sure it will help us keep our cover. 

Now that we made it to Sin City, my sexy Mommy has the kind of curves that get her a lot of tips serving drinks on the casino floor.  I just hope that being in a city with lots of mobsters that over cover isn’t blown again.  

 But Mom’s got a plan:  “I’m going to say yes to going out with my boss, and I’m going to have Alec, the newest dealer, double date with both of us.  He’s 19, and I think you’ll be OK with an older boy.  And I’m going to show you how to make your guy happy!”

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