Saturday, August 31, 2013

MOTB: Good Advice (Olivia listens to Paulina - and vice versa)

MOTB Tales:  Good Advice
OLIVIA: Oh, Mom, my wedding is everything I dreamt it would be.  My beautiful gown, and everyone dressed so elegantly and damm sexy.  Especially you and that gorgeous MOTB dress.  You look incredible! 

PAULINA: Not as incredible as you, darling.  Now, before you head off with Ryan on your honeymoon, let’s talk about your first night with…

OLIVIA : Mom, you know full well that Ryan and I have been intimate for a year now – even before I had my SRS.  Have you forgotten how you barged in on us as he had me in front of him, on all fours, begging him to fuck me harder?  I remember how freaked out you were – Oh my god – Owen – what are you doing? – because at that point, I had not come out to my father – you of course – as a transgender woman
PAULINA: Of course I remember it.  And a year ago, Patrick could not comprehend the thought of his only son dressed in drag and giving himself to a… a man!  But you showed me not only that you really were a beautiful girl inside – you dared me to try it for myself.  Let’s go out as mother and daughter – and then you’ll get a taste of how I feel.  Well, daughter dear, I did get a TASTE – and my Neal is quite yummy! (giggle)  Thanks to you, I saw the seductress inside of me – and how rewarding it was to be a mom to such a sweet daughter.  And as your mom, I feel its my duty to advise you on becoming a newlywed wife.

OLIVIA : Oh and you’ve become an amazing mother!  And I can’t wait until next year, when it’s your turn to be the blushing bride, Mom!

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