Saturday, August 10, 2013

Meeting The Boss (Candi learns dick-tation from Gabby)

Meeting The Boss
“Gus, baby, meet Candice.   I just gave her the full makeover.  Plus she has my genes.  She can start waiting tables tonight.”  

Gabrielle was not only proud to showoff her new daughter to her boss at the tranny club, she was so happy to have a relationship with her child.  Eighteen years ago, Greg was kicked out of his wife’s house, and forbidden to see his son Christopher.  No son of mine will ever know what kind of pervert his father is!   

Those words stung Gabby as she found her true identity as a drag show entertainer and escort.  She was not expecting Chris to show up at a show, a year ago, having walked out on the bitch when he turned 17.  He was “so proud of you, my true Mom.  By the way, how did you end up with such awesome curves?”   

Gabby took her baby by the hand and back to her apartment for a T-girl reboot.  As Candi undressed, Gabby cooed,  “Look how nicely her body has taken to hormones, Gus. I know you’ll love taking her cherry, just like you took mine years ago, boss man!”

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