Tuesday, August 27, 2013

MADAME JAE'S: The Wedding Belles (Tabitha + Grace vow to scratch those itches)


The Wedding Belles

“Well… at least we’re honoring our bet, right?”  lamented Tom Bell as he watched his cousin Marie marry her fiancee.  Tom was a jock at heart, as was his son Graham.  Both of them told Marie’s mother that they would miss the wedding because it was the opening week of the NFL season.
Marie’s parents had lent Tom $25,000 to keep his business running – so “no” was not an option.  

 Marie’s mom’s best friend Lori recommended a trip to Madame Jae’s, as they were the favorite of Lori and her daughter Leigh – Marie’s maid of honor.  Hmmm…
“Mom,” Grace whispered to her transformed father, “What was in that Jae Juice they gave us.  It not only made us soft, pretty, and curvy…”
Tabitha sighed, “I think it made us two horny little girls, honey.   Look at those two guys over at table 10 eyeing us.  I think they’ll ask us to dance.  I wonder what else they will talk us into?”
Lori winked at Leigh,  They were going to enjoy hanging out with another pair of mom-daughter shemale sluts!

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