Sunday, July 21, 2013

We’ve Been Rescued! (Vanessa + Michelle express gratitute)

We’ve Been Rescued!
The fishing vessel they owned and operated  was lost at sea.  Maurice Rosario and his son Victor were the only survivors.   They found themselves on an unknown island where they remained unfound for six months.  During that time, they lived off the strange, sweet smelling melons that dropped from the many palm trees. 

They were surprised when their beards – and body hair – were fading away – and then the unmistakable growth on their now not furry chests…
You might think that the macho sailors would panic at their changes.  But they were grateful to be alive, and to have each other, so the evolving girls  took it in stride, and their closeness were like any genetic mother and daughter.  That and the amazing erotic dreams they were now having…

Michelle and Vanessa were so grateful that The Coast Guard found them.  And to say thanks, they arranged a beach party for the crew on their off day.  What better way to act those dreams by giving the crew some sweet shemale family affection and gratitude?

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