Sunday, July 14, 2013

The Perfect View (Jayme poses with Eva, and Dave smiles)

The Perfect View

Dave:  Oh man, what a perfect  view.  I got get you two beauties to stand there – now big smile, guys  – got it!

Joey:  I don’t see any guys here!  (laughs)  I can’ believe we’re  wearing bikinis and playing the role of Mister Dave’s daughter and wife!  I ‘m having so much fun this week!

Ed: Me too.   I mean it was very nice to have you offer to take us to your beachfront condo for the week, boss. 

Dave:  You know I wasn’t going to force either of you to do anything you weren’t comfortable with.  But you both really look and act so much like a real mother and daughter!

Jayme:  Oh that’s been the best part!   And Mom and I have had a blast cooking for you, and going shopping, and of course, spending hours on the beach working on our tans.

Eva:  That reminds me, sweetheart.  That boy you met today, Tim, you said you were going to meet him down at the pool?  He’s pretty cute, Jayme.  Is this your first summer romance?

Jayme:  (Blushing) MOM!  Please, not in front of Daddy!  

Dave: Hey, I’ll have to check this young man out if he’s going to be going out with my princess.  Perhaps we better go down and chaperone our daughter, just to make sure that…

Eva:  I have a better idea, darling.  (giggling) We can join Jayme and her friend at the pool later, but (whispering) I have something I’d like to show you first, in our room…   

Jayme:  Hmm… who needs to chaperone whom here? :)

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