Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Pep Talk (Kellie has nu-motherly advice for Molly)

Pep Talk
Kyle: Well, I knew I would one day have to give you the talk – but as your dad, not as your mom.  I hope that this will help you cope with your change in life, honey.

Matt: It is Mom, but it is still a strange feeling to have been turned into a girl.

Kellie:  Trust me I know.  Now, you know I have a date tonight, and I’ll be home at midnight. Are you going to hang out with those girls you met here at the pool?

Molly:  Yea, we’re going to meet some other kids and hang out in the Jacuzzi.

Kellie:  Any cute boys in that group?  Speaking of which, look at those hunks playing volleyball over there!  Yummy…

Molly: Mom, stop it (giggling).  I don’t think I’m going to get a lot of looks from boys until I start filling up my bikini top!

Kellie:  Well, I’m not blessed with big boobs either.  But both of us have nice girlish waists and nice round booty!  Trust me, baby girl, we’ll both have guys crazy for us until we find the “ones!”

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