Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Missing Persons (the secret of Zoey + Alana is safe with me)

Detective Arnold Frey was well known in his department as being a master of disguise, and he had used his skills to infiltrate many a criminal operation.  But after almost two decades, he knew that the gang bosses were going to extract a pound of flesh from him – and perhaps his son, Zachary.   

Arnie and Zach only had each other in this world, and they decided to be proactive.  They got out of town and went far away.  But Detective Frey had two last acts of covert role playing to orchestrate.  And this time, Zack would also play a role – a very important role.  There was no room for error..

The only clue to their new identities was in a photo and an email that Chief William Collins received a year later.

Look at how nicely Zoey has started to fill out her bikini!  She wasn’t sure that she wanted Mom to get a belly ring like she did, but after all, she did inherit my figure.  I think she also inherited my love of the ocean – we both go to the beach whenever we can.  That’s where she met Billy, and they’ve seen a lot of each other this summer.   

Meanwhile, I’ve had a few nice dates – some ended very nicely! LOL  But at the end of the day, me and “mini-me” will be joined at the hip, and will forever be mommy and daughter.  Will, thanks – for everything – miss you guys!     

XXOOOO   - Alana


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Bree McAdams said...

Nice! Love your caps! So wonderful!