Sunday, July 28, 2013

THE WAR (Will being girls pacify Elly + Deb? Hmmm...)

Dean’s sister Joan was upset that Dean and his teenage son Ethan were, once again, not on speaking terms.  Something about Ethan sneaking out of the house… 
with Dean’s Camaro

Joan couldn’t bear to she her only loved ones go on like this.

So when Joan offered to come over and make the boys dinner, she slipped a magic concoction into the soup she prepared.  They were sleepy right after dinner, which is when their bodies  began to change…

A month later, Deborah and Elisha were still feuding.  Despite the fun they had shopping and at the salon!  What gives?

“She snuck out of the house, AGAIN, with the car!” Deb huffed.   

Elly rolled her eyes. Well, MOTHER, that’s because you clearly wanted to have some private time – with MY boyfriend!”

And I told you could spend the night with his father – I just expect he would come  over and pick you up!”

Good job, Joan.

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Pep Talk (Kellie has nu-motherly advice for Molly)

Pep Talk
Kyle: Well, I knew I would one day have to give you the talk – but as your dad, not as your mom.  I hope that this will help you cope with your change in life, honey.

Matt: It is Mom, but it is still a strange feeling to have been turned into a girl.

Kellie:  Trust me I know.  Now, you know I have a date tonight, and I’ll be home at midnight. Are you going to hang out with those girls you met here at the pool?

Molly:  Yea, we’re going to meet some other kids and hang out in the Jacuzzi.

Kellie:  Any cute boys in that group?  Speaking of which, look at those hunks playing volleyball over there!  Yummy…

Molly: Mom, stop it (giggling).  I don’t think I’m going to get a lot of looks from boys until I start filling up my bikini top!

Kellie:  Well, I’m not blessed with big boobs either.  But both of us have nice girlish waists and nice round booty!  Trust me, baby girl, we’ll both have guys crazy for us until we find the “ones!”

Sunday, July 21, 2013



What a ride!  Thank you all for partaking, commentating, inspiring, and more!
Love, Annabelle

We’ve Been Rescued! (Vanessa + Michelle express gratitute)

We’ve Been Rescued!
The fishing vessel they owned and operated  was lost at sea.  Maurice Rosario and his son Victor were the only survivors.   They found themselves on an unknown island where they remained unfound for six months.  During that time, they lived off the strange, sweet smelling melons that dropped from the many palm trees. 

They were surprised when their beards – and body hair – were fading away – and then the unmistakable growth on their now not furry chests…
You might think that the macho sailors would panic at their changes.  But they were grateful to be alive, and to have each other, so the evolving girls  took it in stride, and their closeness were like any genetic mother and daughter.  That and the amazing erotic dreams they were now having…

Michelle and Vanessa were so grateful that The Coast Guard found them.  And to say thanks, they arranged a beach party for the crew on their off day.  What better way to act those dreams by giving the crew some sweet shemale family affection and gratitude?

Friday, July 19, 2013

Still Embarrassing Your Kids (Like any good dad turned mom would)

Still Embarrassing Your Kids
Joe:  Oh cool, here are the pictures from our beach vacation… Dad!  What the hell are doing with that stupid pose, standing behind us?

Craig:  You always acts like a total goofball in any picture, even after we all took that gender change potion and those cute guys took this pic.

Andy: Hey, we were showing off our hot bikini bods.  I was like posing, trying to be sexy, kids!

Janie:  You’re crazy, Mom!  But I do admit, you wear that two piece well.  We all look pretty damm good for three guys who became girls!

Crystal:  And while that pose isn’t what any of us would call “sexy”, you did end up with a hottie of a boyfriend, Mom.  And so did me and sis after he introduced the guys who worked for him at the surf shop.  What a great time we had!

Alice:  And the best part is – my Jerry bought us all a year’s supply of that magic formula!

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Missing Persons (the secret of Zoey + Alana is safe with me)

Detective Arnold Frey was well known in his department as being a master of disguise, and he had used his skills to infiltrate many a criminal operation.  But after almost two decades, he knew that the gang bosses were going to extract a pound of flesh from him – and perhaps his son, Zachary.   

Arnie and Zach only had each other in this world, and they decided to be proactive.  They got out of town and went far away.  But Detective Frey had two last acts of covert role playing to orchestrate.  And this time, Zack would also play a role – a very important role.  There was no room for error..

The only clue to their new identities was in a photo and an email that Chief William Collins received a year later.

Look at how nicely Zoey has started to fill out her bikini!  She wasn’t sure that she wanted Mom to get a belly ring like she did, but after all, she did inherit my figure.  I think she also inherited my love of the ocean – we both go to the beach whenever we can.  That’s where she met Billy, and they’ve seen a lot of each other this summer.   

Meanwhile, I’ve had a few nice dates – some ended very nicely! LOL  But at the end of the day, me and “mini-me” will be joined at the hip, and will forever be mommy and daughter.  Will, thanks – for everything – miss you guys!     

XXOOOO   - Alana


Sunday, July 14, 2013

MJ BIKINI BONANZA Hart to Hart Talk (Cora + Faith can go on.. and on...)

Hart to Hart Talk
“So – what was it like?”
When Charles and Felix Hart arrived at the Madame Jae Resort, each of them knew that the Jae Juice would feminize the duo into become a pair of lovely T-girls, and that they would enjoy the mother-daughter bonding.  But what about actually going to bed with a GUY? 
Being pleased and teased, by a HARD-working J-Clubber, and returning the erotic favors?
Well, it wasn’t as good as they expected – it was BETTER.  Cora and Faith can’t stop giggling about how insatiable they were, and those female orgasms – WOW!
As they were dishing on their lovers’ girth and stamina, Faith’s eye caught two studs watching them across the pool.  She pointed them out to her mom, who waved them over.  
 Time for some more fun?

The Perfect View (Jayme poses with Eva, and Dave smiles)

The Perfect View

Dave:  Oh man, what a perfect  view.  I got get you two beauties to stand there – now big smile, guys  – got it!

Joey:  I don’t see any guys here!  (laughs)  I can’ believe we’re  wearing bikinis and playing the role of Mister Dave’s daughter and wife!  I ‘m having so much fun this week!

Ed: Me too.   I mean it was very nice to have you offer to take us to your beachfront condo for the week, boss. 

Dave:  You know I wasn’t going to force either of you to do anything you weren’t comfortable with.  But you both really look and act so much like a real mother and daughter!

Jayme:  Oh that’s been the best part!   And Mom and I have had a blast cooking for you, and going shopping, and of course, spending hours on the beach working on our tans.

Eva:  That reminds me, sweetheart.  That boy you met today, Tim, you said you were going to meet him down at the pool?  He’s pretty cute, Jayme.  Is this your first summer romance?

Jayme:  (Blushing) MOM!  Please, not in front of Daddy!  

Dave: Hey, I’ll have to check this young man out if he’s going to be going out with my princess.  Perhaps we better go down and chaperone our daughter, just to make sure that…

Eva:  I have a better idea, darling.  (giggling) We can join Jayme and her friend at the pool later, but (whispering) I have something I’d like to show you first, in our room…   

Jayme:  Hmm… who needs to chaperone whom here? :)

BIKINI MONTH: Your treat for nearly 2mm views! (and because it's summer...)