Friday, June 21, 2013

The Winning Team (These girls can thank - LeBron James?)

The Winning Team
Blog Entry for July 4, 2013
Since they were young, my dad and his brother were always so competitive.  They bet on every sporting event, always dared the other to do something stupid.  Well, my cousin and I were getting a little tired of their antics, so we placed a little wager on the winner of the NBA Finals.  Our team won – and we had an unexpected payoff…
I have to give them credit; they spared no expense in making themselves – and us – over as two hot sisters, vacationing on the beach with their daughters.  These hunks we’re posing for have no idea what secret lies underneath these cute bikinis.  Shannon and I knew we’d make cute girls, but Mom and Auntie are pretty damm hot as well.

Can you say quadruple date?  I bet it will happen tonight! :)

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Jodie Hyde said...

Love it!! But never bet against LeBron.